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What should NOT be a reason to get tattooed

Undrawing my tattoos: Tass Cambitzi has been tattooed 18 times, but is now undergoing painful laser removal

This woman pretty much represents the complete opposite of my attitude towards tattoos. Basically, everything that has always seemed to me obviously stupid types of tattoos and reasons for getting tattooed.
I don't mean to sound so harsh, and I'm not saying she herself is stupid. Because what she was, was suffering and in pain.
But this, this!, is why you don't get tattoos linked with significant others, or even friends, unless y'all have been together for a long time, at least a decade, maybe even longer, and things are still great. I have never understood how people can be so stupidly impulsive to get tattoos the meaning of which is their significant other. Or even, a best friend – of course I think there can be exceptions when it's fine, but my criteria won't be easy to satisfy.

Out of all of my tattoos – I don't know how many I have – there is only one the meaning of which is linked to a person in my life, and that is my mother. It's a lily, because that's what her friends and family call her because her name is Lillian.
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