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What are prisons like in the United States?

Well, have a taste of what they're like in my current state of residence:

New Yorker Political Scene podcast: Harriet Krzykowski talks about abuse in prisons in Florida

An article about the main case Krzykowski talked about:

People try to make themselves feel better by insisting that abuse is rare, so that they, too, can turn a blind eye to our cruel and sadistic and medieval penal system here in the U.S., so that they still have "bad" people (convicts, inmates) they can hate and spit on and be condescending towards, in that desperate attempt to elevate themselves as "better" than those "bad" people whom they convince themselves deserve what they get in prison.

What they fail to get is that it doesn't matter whether the extreme abuses are rare or common.
Because this is about so much more than just those extreme abuses, because those are just the introduction to our cruel and medieval penal system. Because you have to start with the easy stuff – like in maths, you start with arithmetic because that's super easy and obvious. And, like in maths, most people don't care to go beyond the easy stuff, because it's hard…

I don't have anything more to say.
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