Cheryl E. Fitzgerald (synapsomatic) wrote,
Cheryl E. Fitzgerald

What the hell is going on in the White House?

Most recent episode of Vox's The Weeds podcast is particularly interesting this week.
Link directly to .mp3 file:
What the hell is going on in the White House, Trump? I suspect he hasn't a clue. Keep your attention on all of this, America, because we're all going to get to see just how unfit Trump is for this job and how incompetent he and his administration and "team" are.

[Eventually I'll post a substantive entry of some kind. I've now got a very old laptop as a temporary stand-in for my computer. It's good enough - for now - for the absolute barest minimum of my needs. But there's so little I can do with it that it's rather depressing, which leaves me with little motivation to get on it.]
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